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Erik Ansink

I am an Associate Professor at the School of Business & Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, a research Fellow at the Tinbergen Institute, and a faculty member at Amsterdam University College. I also organize #SWELL (Seminar in Water Economics onLLine) and I am the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Water Resources & Economics.

My research is on cooperation and conflict in the management and conservation of water, nature and climate. I use a variety of research methods including tools and models from game theory, political economy, and experimental economics.

I teach both at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Amsterdam University College. Courses include "Introduction to Economics", "Environmental Economics", "Sustainable City", and "Public Economics".

Contact me:
VU Main Building, Office 9A-92 [route description]

Selected publications and recent papers are listed below. Please email me if you do not have access. Download my publication list or see my Google Scholar page for a complete overview of my publications.

Last update: September 2021.

Selected Publications

"No clue about bioplastics"
Ecological Economics, 2022
with Louise Wijk and Frederiek Zuidmeer
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"Common pool resources with support"
Natural Resource Modeling, 2020
with Hans-Peter Weikard
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"International environmental agreements with support"
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2019
with Hans-Peter Weikard and Cees Withagen
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"Cooperation in watershed management: A field experiment on location, trust, and enforcement"
Resource and Energy Economics, 2017
with Abonesh Tesfaye, Jetske Bouma and Roy Brouwer
[Published version]

"River coalitions and water trade"
Oxford Economic Papers, 2017
with Michael Gengenbach and Hans-Peter Weikard
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"The economics of violence in natural states"
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2016
with Bram van Besouw and Bas van Bavel
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"Sustainable agreements on stochastic river flow"
Resource and Energy Economics, 2016
with Harold Houba
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"Composition properties in the river claims problem"
Social Choice and Welfare, 2015
with Hans-Peter Weikard
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"The influence of legitimacy perceptions on cooperation: A framed field experiment"
World Development, 2014
with Jetske Bouma, K.J. Joy and Suhas Paranjape
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"Market power in water markets"
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2012
with Harold Houba
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"Sequential sharing rules for river sharing problems"
Social Choice and Welfare, 2012
with Hans-Peter Weikard
[Published version] [Ungated version]


Working Papers

"Technology vs information to promote conservation: Evidence from water audits"
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 21/014
with Carmine Ornaghi and Mirco Tonin
[Ungated version]

"Market power in California's water market"
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 21/011
with Fran├žeska Tomori, Harold Houba, Nick Hagerty and Charles Bos
[Ungated version]

"Conservation auctions, collusion and the endowment effect"
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 18/093
with Justin Dijk and Daan van Soest
[Ungated version]

"Crowdfunding public goods: An experiment"
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 17/119
with Jetske Bouma, Dominic Hauck, Mark Koetse and Daan van Soest
[Ungated version]

"Green consumerism with network effects"
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 14/150
with Dominic Hauck, Jetske Bouma and Daan van Soest
[Ungated version]