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Erik Ansink

I am an Associate Professor at the School of Business & Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, a research Fellow at the Tinbergen Institute, and a faculty member at Amsterdam University College. I also organize #SWELL (Seminar in Water Economics onLLine) and I am the Editor-in-Chief of Water Resources & Economics.

My research is on cooperation and conflict in the management and conservation of water, nature and climate. I use a variety of research methods including tools and models from game theory, political economy, and experimental economics.

I teach both at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Amsterdam University College. Courses include "Introduction to Economics", "Environmental Economics", "Sustainable City", and "Public Economics".

Contact me:
VU Main Building, Office 9A-92 [route description]

Selected publications and recent working papers are listed below. Please email me if you do not have access. Download my publication list or see my Google Scholar page for a complete overview of my publications.

Last update: March 2022.

Selected Publications

"Crowdfunding conservation (and other public goods)"
Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2022
with Jetske Bouma, Dominic Hauck, Mark Koetse and Daan van Soest
[Published version]
[Ungated version] [Replication files]

"No clue about bioplastics"
Ecological Economics, 2022
with Louise Wijk and Frederiek Zuidmeer
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"Common pool resources with support"
Natural Resource Modeling, 2020
with Hans-Peter Weikard
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"International environmental agreements with support"
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2019
with Hans-Peter Weikard and Cees Withagen
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"Cooperation in watershed management: A field experiment on location, trust, and enforcement"
Resource and Energy Economics, 2017
with Abonesh Tesfaye, Jetske Bouma and Roy Brouwer
[Published version]

"River coalitions and water trade"
Oxford Economic Papers, 2017
with Michael Gengenbach and Hans-Peter Weikard
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"The economics of violence in natural states"
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2016
with Bram van Besouw and Bas van Bavel
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"Sustainable agreements on stochastic river flow"
Resource and Energy Economics, 2016
with Harold Houba
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"Composition properties in the river claims problem"
Social Choice and Welfare, 2015
with Hans-Peter Weikard
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"The influence of legitimacy perceptions on cooperation: A framed field experiment"
World Development, 2014
with Jetske Bouma, K.J. Joy and Suhas Paranjape
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"Market power in water markets"
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2012
with Harold Houba
[Published version] [Ungated version]

"Sequential sharing rules for river sharing problems"
Social Choice and Welfare, 2012
with Hans-Peter Weikard
[Published version] [Ungated version]


Working Papers

"Technology vs information to promote conservation: Evidence from water audits"
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 21/014
with Carmine Ornaghi and Mirco Tonin
[Ungated version]

"Market power in California's water market"
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 21/011
with Fran├žeska Tomori, Harold Houba, Nick Hagerty and Charles Bos
[Ungated version]

"Conservation auctions, collusion and the endowment effect"
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 18/093
with Justin Dijk and Daan van Soest
[Ungated version]

"Green consumerism with network effects"
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 14/150
with Dominic Hauck, Jetske Bouma and Daan van Soest
[Ungated version]