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Last update: October 14, 2020

An open academic seminar series for everyone interested in water economics.

To receive information about our seminars, including Zoom URLs, sign up by registering through this form. Inquiries can be sent to Erik Ansink.

Presentations follow a standard academic 30-minute format + 15 minutes moderated discussion. Seminars take place on Zoom, Tuesdays at 11:30AM Eastern Time (5:30PM CEST). Exceptions, if any, are indicated in the schedule below.

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Upcoming seminars

Dawit Mekkonen
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

"Irrigation-Nutrition Linkages in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons from small scale irrigations in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Tanzania"

TUE October 27
Renan Goetz
University of Girona

"On the Social Organization of the Commons - An Analytical Framework"

TUE November 10
Phoebe Koundouri
Athens University of Economics and Business

"Managing Transboundary Waters under Climate Uncertainty"

TUE November 24
Meri Davlasheridze
Texas A&M University at Galveston

"What Drives Voluntary Buyouts of Floodplain Properties: Empirical Evidence from U.S. Counties"

TUE December 8
Jesse Backstrom
University of Chicago

"The Texas Grand Slam: Robbed by Red Tides?"

TUE December 22
Tatiana Borisova
University of Florida

"Water Supply Planning in the U.S. Third Most Populous State - Florida "

TUE January 5
Iddo Kan
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

"Large-Scale Desalination and the External Impact on Irrigation-Water Salinity: Economic Analysis for the Case of Israel"

TUE January 19
Rhiannon Jerch
Temple University

"The Local Benefits of Federal Mandates: Evidence from the Clean Water Act"

TUE February 2


Past seminars

Alan Collins
West Virginia University

"The Impact of Public Water Supply Unreliability on Residential Property Prices in Marion County, West Virginia"
(with Fahad Alzahrani)

TUE October 13
Diego Cardoso
Cornell University

"Water Affordability in the United States"
(with Casey Wichman)

TUE September 29
Dale Whittington
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Higher than you think: the Invisible Costs of Water and Sanitation Services Embedded in Housing" (Download paper)

TUE September 15
Céline Nauges
Toulouse School of Economics

"Social Norms Information Treatments in the Municipal Water Supply Sector"
(with Dale Whittington)

TUE June 30
Maria Vrachioli
Technical University of Munich

"Agricultural Productivity and Weather Variability: A Study of Small Irrigation Development Program in Ethiopia"
(with Marup Md. Hossain and Alessandra Garbero)

TUE June 23
Marc Jeuland
Duke University

"The Economic Impacts of Large-Scale Water Infrastructure Improvements in Urban Zarqa, Jordan"
(with Jennifer Orgill and Seth Morgan)

TUE June 16
Anant Sudarshan
University of Chicago

"Rationing the Commons"
(with Nicholas Ryan)

TUE June 9
Marián García Valiñas
University of Oviedo

"Do Households Have Enough Information for Adequate Decision-Making in the Water Sector? A Case Study in Spain"
(with Marta Suárez-Varela and Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira)

TUE June 2
Mirco Tonin
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

"Water Tariffs and Consumers' Inaction"
(with Carmine Ornaghi)

TUE May 26
Daniel Brent
Pennsylvania State University

"Do Nonlinear Prices Work? Distributional and Conservation Consequences of Budget-Based Water Rates"
(with Casey Wichman and Derek Wietelman)

TUE May 19
Sven Christens
University of Kassel

"Do International Agreements Improve Water Quality in Rivers?"

TUE May 12
Sheila Olmstead
University of Texas at Austin

"The Value of Water Quality: Estimating Amenity and Recreational Benefits"
(with Yusuke Kuwayama and Jiameng Zheng)

WED May 6
Eric Edwards
North Carolina State University

"Global Groundwater Governance: Economic Framework and Cross-Country Comparison"
(with Todd Guilfoos)

TUE April 28